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50 Colourful Pictures of The Latest Asoebi And Ankara Styles for Events in 2018

In need of fashion Inspiration for that upcoming event? Take a look at these beautiful ladies in the Latest Asoebi and Ankara Styles in 2018. In the past good Aso Ebi styles were almost solely for those who had some extra money to spend. These Aso-ebi fabrics were expensive and the average lady on the […]

50 Latest Ankara Pencil Gowns, Dresses, Pencil Skirts and Kitenge Tops Styles for You

From long and short Ankara pencil skirt styles – to combinations with various tops, this site has a look that’ll be perfect for you. Take a look at our collection of styles, for the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The narrow shape of pencil skirts can restrict the movement of the wearer, but it’s really […]

60 Latest Nigerian & African Traditional Wedding Ankara Styles, Designs & Attires in 2018

Today we will be taking a look at the latest Ankara styles for weddings. The Ankara fabric, with its bright colors and interesting patterns has brought so much attention to the African fashion scene this year. These African wedding designs have transcended the Nigerian market and can now be seen on various celebrities overseas. Ankara […]

50 Pictures of Beautiful & Gorgeous, Ankara, Kitenge & Sarong Styles in 2018

Ankara fashion has become very popular in Nigeria, and every lady wants to wear the latest beautiful Ankara styles, while maintaining a unique look. Picking a style to sew can be quite stressful- as there are just too many options and not everyone fancies the old & classic Ankara skirt and blouse style. In this […]

50 of the Latest Off-Shoulder Ankara Styles in 2018 | African Gowns, Tops & Dresses

It’s so amazing to note that the Ankara African print is now being used to design almost any style for various occasions. The off-shoulder Ankara styles has become a popular choice for our daring fashionistas. When implemented properly in a dress or in a blouse (by a good tailor), it creates this catchy & hot […]

50 Pictures of The Latest Mix and Match Ankara African Prints, Fabrics & Designs In 2018

Being fashionable means having a great sense of style; and thankfully a great sense of style can be learned. It’s usually a nice idea to mix and match your Ankara fabrics with other fashion pieces or with other plain fabrics like batik. Check out this selection of 50 of the latest & best styles to […]

50 Latest Ankara Pleated Skirts Designs 2018 | Short & Long Maxi African Skirts

The creativity of Nigerian fashion designers brings hundreds of Ankara styles to life. In this article, we will be taking a look at a catalog of 50 of the latest Ankara Pleated Skirts Styles in 2018; including Long Maxi styles and Short pleated skirt designs. The latest fashion trends are now being incorporated into the […]

50 Latest African Ankara Maternity Gowns & Dresses Styles for Pregnant Ladies | Nigeria

Expecting mothers can all agree that a good maternity dress is an essential to a comfortable maternity wardrobe. In this article, we have selected 50 African Ankara maternity gowns & dresses, for your baby showers, photoshoot, weddings, and other casual occasions; style your bump in a beautiful way, every day. Our collection ticks all of […]

60 of the Latest Hausa Ankara & Aso-Ebi Styles in 2018 | Muslim Fashion Clothing

The Ankara fabric is so versatile it blends well with virtually any style. Checkout this amazing collection of Hausa Ankara styles to inspire your next visit to the tailor’s. Gone are those days when Ankara was tagged with local market women and village men. Now Ankara has become the choice of many Hausa celebrities in […]